Lifeboat Desalination

The mCDI_LB is a low power/low flow desalination system based on capacitive deionisation. At the core of the LB is our compact electrode capable of producing drinking water from sea water. The LB is powered by solar or a mini- generator that can be hand cranked to produce about 1 litre of water per hour.

When clockwise motion is applied to the handle a generator provides sufficient current to adsorb salt and at the same time provides the mechanical work to push liquid through the system via the hand driven pump. To flush the salt out of the system the handle is wound anticlockwise for 15 seconds. This reverses the voltage on the electrode and allows the salt to become free again to be washed out (automatically diverted to the waste line). Simply repeat this sequence till enough water is generated (clockwise 1 min/anticlockwise 15 sec).