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Mincarb is an Australian company specialising in electrochemical water treatment. We provide solutions for desalination and disinfection. We specialise in capacitive deionisation and electrodialysis systems custom made for application.

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Company History

Mincarb was founded in Dec 2013 by Colin MacDonald and Peter Kovalskydeveloping the first CDI product based on imported modules from EWP (USA) and transitioning to Voltea supplied modules in mid-2014. Colin brings over 30 years of experience in company directorship and has funded a number of technology start-ups prior to Mincarb. Peter obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of New South Wales in 2008 and subsequently worked for one of Australia’s most successful technology start-ups before founding Mincarb.

Our Vision

Mincarb have invested time and resources to adapt low energy electrochemical desalination technology for novel applications. A core philosophy is to take on challenges involving problems of local and global significance. Typically these problems may not have economically feasible solutions using existing technology due to energy or cost constraints. By taking a rigorous and robust approach to our product development we have established key alliances combining the technical knowhow of UNSW with Mincarb’s commercial focus on delivering low energy desalination products to strategically chosen markets.

Our Technical Strengths

Mincarb owes its success to a strong R&D track record and expertise in areas critical to its core applications. This knowledge translates into the ability to configure CDI for groundwatersof a quality that is unique to a specific region. Mincarb can engineer custom pre-treatment systems and clean-in-place (CIP) to reduce the impact of electrode fouling and scale formation. Automated in situ monitoring and built-in control technology are critical to the low cost maintenance of robust Mincarb units.